Audirvana Studio: conflict with Time Machine

Dear all,
Since the very beginning after the installation of AS, I experience frequent crashes of different threads of the application (Mainly 65 but also 61, 63 or 64). I had several exchanges with the technical support but no solution have been found so far.
By looking at the time those crashes generally occurred, I noticed they were probably linked to the activation of a backup with Time Machine.
Consequently, I de-activated the automatic backup and did not experience any crash since. This morning, after two crash-free days, I started a backup and bingo, I got a crash of thread 65.

I’m interested to know if some of you have also noticed that, and if you are using some specific configuration of Time Machine (Like an exclusion of some directories such as the network volumes storing audio data or the AS specific directories where the DB is stored for example).
Thanks for any feedback on this.

Does the crash also occur when you disable the time machine in sysoptimizer? Then the backup is not interrupted by Audirvana.

Hi Jacob,
Everything is already disabled on that side (Spotlight, time machine and detection of USB devices).
Anyway, disabling Time Machine only works when AS is playing an audio file and has no effect when AS is running but not playing, if I’m not mistaken.
It looks like AS tries to access a file that is guarded by another application (Time Machine in that case) as I always got exceptions of type 'GUARD".
That’s a bit weird…


And conflict is confirmed with Time Machine!
I tried to exclude Time Machine specific directories such as the DB location but to no avail. If I reactivate Time Machine, I get a crash, not necessarily at the very firs backup but within max 1 day, this is guaranteed!
When automatic backup are deactivated, no problem, no crash.

Which version of MacOS do you have installed?

I’m on Catalina (10.15.7).

I’m on High Sierra and it’s rare than I can use AS without streamed tracks just stopping early.

I’ve disabled all the optimisations but no joy.

I may be wrong but fairly sure I had to install a kernel extension for 3.5 but don’t recall doing so for AS - could I be running an old kext?