Audirvana Studio Cost in different countries

The currency mostly talked about annual fee was $69.99 US dollars, which includes 10% VAT. Now that converted to UK pounds is 69.99 United States Dollar = £49.636171 British Pound
% Mark-up over European Central Bank Rate = 0.17

So question like Roon are you going to charge US currency for each country,?

Roon annual cost converted to UK pounds is £85 , if the cost of Audirvana Studio is going to be £69.99 UK pounds, that’s only £15 difference!!
That’s where I think its going to be a big sell to get people to adopt Audirvana Studio …

What do you get for that 15?

Roon works in a client/server scheme which includes squeezelite…endpoints can be windows, linux or ios…this brings the highly adopted raspberrypi into the picture, something people love as having as an endpoint.

Then there is the eye-candy aspect…

15 yearly only breaks down to 1 and some change/month.

Worth it or not?

I have both, I can’t say I prefer one over the other, because my day to day driver is neither. I haven’t used Roon in over a year and probably more than that with Audirvana. I look at them from time to time to give them a chance but neither fit the bill for me. Interesting point, I created some tweaks for MoOde that people seem to like, but I made the mistake of saying I don’t use MoOde either on a daily basis and was promptly banned from posting on their site…wonder if I’m going to get banned here too.

If Studio annual cost is going to be £69.99 , difference between Roon annual cost £85 = £15

Yep, you said that in your first post…

And I said…What do you get for that £15 difference.

and so on and so forth…


Sorry that’s $90 AUD/year.

That’s just not affordable, nor justifiable for me. I’m out.

Anyway only Tidal is available in Australia, the other one Qobuz isn’t.

So what am I getting for the upgrade? Internet radio? So what?

Qobuz was launched in Aust a few weeks ago!

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