Audirvāna studio DAC response

I found that the new Audirvāna studio does not recognize that a DAC has been connected to the computer (windows 10) like the old program does.

The Studio did not go through the DAC setup procedure as with the old program, on install.

When the program does see the DAC, (on Windows restart) it failed to recognize that the Tidal file played, was an MQA, so it failed to pass through the format to the DAC for decoding.

PS: I don’t was to lose the old Program yet, as the new Studio does not work to well at the moment.

DAC: Topping D70s MQA.
Latest Windows 10 update, Lenovo Laptop.

Hi Jim.
Yes I have.
This time I started the Audirvana Studio and the DAC. I found the tick box for the DAC and the program outputted the music through the DAC. Unfortunately the Tidal MQA file was played as a PCM.
I reconnected the DAC and also restarted the program. Although the Studio found the DAC this time it still played as a PCM… Studio identified that the DAC was a MQA type and also that the file was a MQA.
But failed to send that info to the DAC to switch to MQA and play the MQA as a pass through file. It was still played as a PCM.
I closed the Studio and started the old Audirvana. It found the DAC and played the file as it should with it’s accreditation setting shown as normal. The DAC switched to show an MQA file being played as it should.
I feel that there is a problem with the software of the Studio, as it fails to correctly identify a fully decoding MQA DAC and correctly pass through the file as an MQA.

Now found extra DAC setting to manually set up the type of DAC that it is, in DAC settings.
Ones set to a native MQA, the DAC responded to the correct format.

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