Audirvana Studio does not work, even if I have paid for a subscription

Hi, when I start Studio and log in, it writes that the subscription has expired and links me to my account.
I bought an annual subscription and it says that I have a subscription until May 31, 2022
I tried to reinstall Audirvana. Unsuccessfully.
I tried to disconnect the device (my computer), also without success.
I tried reinstalling my MacOS and it didn’t help either, Audirvana doesn’t work even though I got paid.
Please help!


A few more details might help. What OS version? What error shows up?

MacOS 11.4. Big Sur.
Writes subscription expired.

The trial version also wrote this bug

There is no trial version. It’s the same app. Are you using the proper email account and password to log into Audirvana Studio?

Yes, I use the correct username and password

You may need to email support to get them to figure it out for you.

I’ve been writing with them for two weeks now and it hasn’t helped yet.

Unfortunately this looks like something only Audirvana can fix. Can you log into your account without going through the app? What’s the status of your subscription doing that?

I have a subscription until 31.5.2022

I will log in to my account normally.