Audirvāna Studio doesn't remember my account data

I have subscribed to Audirvana Studio and the application is running on my MacBook Air (2017). The application is correctly connected to my account (verified in my Audirvana account).
Two days ago I have installed the new version of MacOS (11.5.1 with 8192MB RAM) and of Audirvana Studio (Audirvana Mac Version 1.6.0 (10600)).
From this point on, every time I restart Audirvana Studio, I have to re-enter my account information (email and password). Audirvana obviously does not save the information anymore. Damien, could you please help me to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance


Hello @Rainer,

Do you mean that every time you open Studio on this Mac you need to put your mail and password?

This happens to me as well.

Have you tried to disconnect from Studio using the disconnect button in Studio setting under My account section? After doing this, can you reconnect again? Do you still need to put your mail and password after doing this?

I can try this tonight. Now, might swapping between Studio and 3.5 cause this issue?

No because they rely on a entire different identification process.

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Hi Damien,

thanks for your fast reply. Yes, everytime I started AS I had to put my mail and my password.
On my account website I disconnected the license from my MacBook and started AS. Once putting the account and then restarting AS the problem persisted! Nothing had changed.

Now I just tried to disconnect the other way - within the AS-application, as you told me. And it works now. When I restart AS there is no more need to put my account data.
To complete my test, I have restarted my MacBook. Everything is still working fine now.
Thank you for your help.

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