Audirvana Studio for Windows updated already with fresh download

It is very easy to get fresh copy from their website.
On the way to install it, server is asking to disconnect your pc where studio is installed, you just have to click yes or confirm to disconnect pc.
This is just some of their requirement which is probably confusing people.
No Audirvana installed on that computer during download and install.

Try again signing with the same account.
When you would click to sign inn or download or anything it is slow respond from server so do not rush just wait for next window to open.
Good luck !

Good Day !
I uninstalled Audirvana Studio for Windows Yesterday.
Than I cleaned Registry log in Windows with CC Cleaner application
This morning I downloaded Audirvana Studio fresh copy from Audirvana server
Under the same trial account
And Surprise !
It looks that Audirvana Team is working on those bugs while new people downloading this software.
So as of today morning I noticed that it is already improved and running much smoother under Windows 10
Analyzing tracks bar has right now info icon
and when you click on it it is explaining what is going on in detail.
Analyzing of 14 huge sample files from test folder specially created it didn’t took too much time.
It scanned and added very fast than analyzing also was fast, much faster than before
I didn’t check if it change tags or not I do not care about it because now I know that it is better to keep original files untouched and for Audirvana Studio just copy them to dedicated folder
I understand that some people do not have luxury and founds to have so much storage and experiment.
Anyway , Fresh copy of Audirvana Studio is working much better in Windows 10 now than with original download from time when was launched many days ago

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I am not forcing anyone to do what I did
I am experimenting !
For users that are not very familiar with computers etc. Would be safer to do update within Audirvana Studio internal update option when update is available !

I have installed now version 1.1.0(10010) for Windows
I do not know if this version is exactly the same as original launch version on May 16 but in my case is working much better now.

Hum, hum… It seems that they are reading our comments on the forum.
Could you post a screenshot, so we could see what’s coming?

Sadly the new version offers an explanation without a warning about altering your files. It still writes the MusicBrainz tag and I see no way of preventing it from so doing.

Don’t run this version with your precious tracks.
Copy some albums to a folder and run it with these duplicated tracks.

Create dedicated folder only for Audirvana and copy your files there.
Who cares what it is happening with this tags in that folder.
Damien already explained this in other topic.
Please do more reading !

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Hello Derek,
I have followed your instructions and removed Audirvana Studio from my Mac mini M1 using Clean My Mac. Unfortunately Audirvana Studio behaves the same way as before, so I guess they have not updated the Mac files yet.

I did this for Windows 10 only
Unfortunately I do not own Mac Computer
Sorry that you have same result as before, and because of my post you did unnecessary work.
But your experience will help others to do not bother to do this on Mac machines.
Thank you !

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AS analysis description

That is a very strange response Derek,

Of course I have made a test library. I’m not allowing corruption of my real library a second time!

The fact remains that the new version still adds a tag without warning and provides no opt-out. This renders the product as useless and dangerous as the initial release.

Please note that I find it impolite for you to instruct me as to my reading needs. I have read everything on this topic and contributed also.

I am using Studio now and it is behaving very steady.
No problems of crushing like before what I experienced before few times just after opening the app.
Windows 10
I do not have any experience with Mac computers so Mac problems do not have to be Windows problems and opposite.
Lot of confusion
We are lucky here that Audirvana is not running under different distributions of Linux or other operating systems.
Than would be here extremely vibrant s…t show !

No problem Derek, it was a good suggestion worth trying. Thanks

I am sorry that I hurt your feelings !
My apology !

I have to get out of this forum because if I am writing something it is creating to much confusion and it looks that I am to much abusive !
Have a Great Day Everyone !

FWIW a fresh download AS 1.1.0 version for Mac was created on May 19th.
It is a little harder to check file attributes for these windows UWP installer apps, but I venture to guess since it is also 1.1.0 it has not been updated more recently either.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

As i can remember there was also a pinned post from Damien a couple of days ago where the 1.1 update was announced. When I started AS1.0 after that announcement it indeed updated to 1.1. I had to shut it down again, because it started analyzing immediately without the option to shut it off.

Yup, so this is nothing new unfortunately.