Audirvāna Studio & Intel Macs?

I watched the presentation today and I’m unclear on if Audirvāna Studio will run on my older mac running High Sierra (10.13.6). Will there be an appreciable difference, “more transparent” than the existing 3.5 build?
I’m not happy that in less than three months, my “lifetime” license is for software that is no longer going to be supported. Rethinking everything now.

No, the sound quality will be the same (which is good). It’s been just further optimised for the ARM platform. You’re not giving up anything on Intel.

You don’t have to rethink anything, just keep on using the 3.5 license on your dedicated Mac. If you don’t have outstanding issues you’re good for the foreseeable future. Of course you can trial the new version to see if there is something that appeals to you.

I think the answer: “Is the Studio-version running on older OS” is still outstanding. I’m sure there are some users running an outdated Mac as a music server and AUDIRVANA, like me.

Very true!
if users cannot trial Audirvana Studio on older versions of MacOs, it means that the adoption of the new software can prove to be a very expensive move indeed.
Also I did not like Manuel’s argument about the cost of HiFi systems as a justification for Audirvana’s move. HiFi systems tend to enjoy a life span that is greater than either Manuel’s or Damien’s age…

You think?
I’d like a commitment from the developers please. “Think” is simply an opinion. Have you done an A/B test?

@bitracer, do you know if Studio has a Direct mode setting for Intel-based Macs?

I don’t know, didn’t try it. The old hack might still work though.

Just once again the same question: Is Audirvana Studio running on macOS High Sierra?

I still have doubts, will Audirvana Studio work on a Mac Intel with Big Sur?
It looks like they’re no longer upgrading to version 3.5 for Mac.
I found the presentation very bad.

Thank you for your response.
It will be interesting to see if anyone does an Intel 3.5 vs ARM Studio. The best description we have is better transparency.

I think the same problem exists with the legacy Apple Mac’s and OS , you’ll need to hack again with studio.

Id like to know if the same thing is going to happen wih the latest M1 Macs, will studio still be unable to over ride the drivers? This is obviously down to Apple.

Studio works on Intel Macs running Big Sur just fine.

How about High Sierra.

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