Audirvana Studio issues

I recently installed Audirvana Studio 30 day Trial to see if i can work it in parallel with iTunes. My intention is to have mp3 files in itunes and hires tracks in Audivana.
The audio i/f seems and sounds amazing. However, i ran into several problems i would like to know if there is solution.

  1. The volume up down bar in the software does not work at all.
  2. This is my major issue. On my Origen music server i only have Spotify, iTunes and Audirvana Studio now. If prior to listening to Audirvana i open either iTunes or Spotify and THEN open Audirvana, the system de-activates automatically the Ethernet port and therefore i cannot connect. This problem DOES NOT appear if i only switch back and forth between iTunes and Spotify.
  3. On my hard drive and in my music DB folder, i have several directories which apply to Album-Artist. I have also created a directory (Album) where i actually include collection of songs (Different artists). It seems that when in view, all my albums display correctly, except for this Collection folder where all the tracks (35 at the moment) are displayed 35 times. Tried to find a way to merge, but no luck !
    I thank you

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