Audirvana Studio licence ended early?

Has anyone else’s Studio licence ended early recently? I paid for the intro offer deal as I was an old 3.5 user. I cant quite remember but Im sure that hasnt been a year so far.

Cant anyone remember when the Year trial price started and was on offer? I have looked through my bank online to see if I could find when payment was taken but had no luck.


Hi @ScottieA

If I remember correctly we were given an extra months trial due to the issues us users were experiencing with Studio when it was initially released.
I’m fairly certain that I signed up almost immediately, and have just checked my old emails and found that my subscription started on the 29th July.
Perhaps email support?
Good luck.

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Also just found this on Facebook:

The release date of 28th May, coupled with 2 months of free trial, tally up with my initial subscription date.
Looks like you’ve been cut-off early. I’d definately contact support.

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Thanks. Yes that’s what I roughly remember in my Head also. I had July in my head as to when I decided to pay for the year at the discounted price. So I thought it would run out around July. Strange. I then tried to use 3.5.51 Audirvana and its only playing 30 seconds of each song and has lost all my Qobuz stuff : ( Looks like it wont be hard for me to make my mind up and finally try something else, too many problems for a subscription service in my opinion which is a shame.
Being a Glasgow Rangers fan myself, We will See You In the Final hahaha

Hi @ScottieA

I think I had a similar problem with Qobuz. Have you tried logging out and back in to it?
I agree with regard the amount of problems. I’ve now actually paused my subscription, and have in fact purchased a new streamer so don’t need Studio, or any of it’s variants anymore, which is a shame.
Yeah, be great if we could both get to Seville wouldn’t it? I think your boys stand a decent chance of turning RBL over, although not so sure of our chances against Frankfurt.
:crossed_fingers: for us both.

I went to Manchester in 2008 and it was amazing, We took between 250,000 - 300,000 fans. My friend who is a West Ham Fan went with me and has never seen anything like it. I think we will take over 100,000 to Seville easy if we make it. Im hoping to get a ticket for the 2nd leg of the Semi at Ibrox. I will try signing out of Qobuz although it still only plays 30 seconds of each track :frowning: Im going to get a streamer myself. Im looking at something like a SOTM 200 neo/ultra or Limetree Bridge to pass on to my Qutest DAC.

I’ve recently purchased a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra for use in work, and have to say the SQ is fantastic through my Mojo 2 DAC. Runs a scaled-down version of Volumio, which I’ve always rated. Another one to consider perhaps?
A few hundred thousand p****d-up English and Scots in Seville- the locals won’t know what’s him them :rofl: :rofl: Already have my semi ticket for the home leg, just hoping I can get an away ticket now. Have the required points so shouldn’t be a problem
Good luck mate :+1:

Yes that’s another one I wouldnt mind trying as it goes. I really need to try and demo a few somewhere or try some at home so I can hear what differences in sound each streamer has. I signed out then back into Qobuz in Audirvana and that has worked great Thanks. Just got to solve the mystery of Studio ending early now. Nice One

Nice one :+1:

The exact date of your renewal is 2022-07-30 :wink:

Thank You. I have managed to sign back in now. It strangely signed my out after an album finished and then I couldnt sign back in again as it said Subscription ended but it all seems good now : ) Yes it says 30/7/22 Thanks.

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