Audirvana Studio license for Audirvana Origin too?

Before I renew my expired Audirvana Studio license I have a Question.
Why did you not offer to start Audirvana Origin on the same computer under the same User too?
They don’t both run at the same time anyway.
For error detection, it would be an advantage for you if Audirvana Studio subscribers could also start Audirvana Origin.

One scenario would be, for example, that you pause your Qobuz subscription or the Studio subscription itself and only need access to your local music. A fallback solution in these cases would be Origin.

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Why not? Subscribe to Studio for 2 years or more and get a license for Origin as a thank you for your loyalty… The bottom line is that more money has been made than would have come in from buying a lifetime license of Origin alone.
That’s what I’d like to see, by the way: A lifetime license from Studio, similar to Roon…

Origin is the same software as Studio with the radio’s, podcasts and streaming service modules removed. Run Studio without an internet connection and it is the same functionality and code being executed for playback of your local library as when using Origin


The Origin licence is for the lifetime of the software major version you purchased. They only guarantee that they will support it for the subsequent two OS releases as per the website. After this time if the OS breaks the function of the software they are not obligated to issue a fix. As most OS software releases are every year then the onetime purchase only guarantees the software will work for 2 years. In reality you should get more use than that but ultimately that will be determined by what changes Microsoft or Apple makes to their OS’s

Only for test … today they have different build no.

But that could be changed to Studio license including Origin license.

No same basic code, you will notice they update both Origin and Studio updates on the same day. They may issue an update to Studio to fix a bug in the additional modules in Studio but the playback code is the same or they will also issue an update to origin on that day.

Simpler to run one playback engine codebase than maintain two different codebases.


Studio license is the higher grade license, Audirvana could easy allow to use both Apps on the same Computer under the the same user.

Yes. Audirvana could also change it into giving everything away for free, but that is not going to happen either. Basically you are asking for free software? You sound you feel entitled to a free copy of program ‘A’ because you pay for program ‘B’. If you buy an Apple iPhone do you also demand a free Apple watch with it? Are you entitled to a free version of Office if you buy Windows from Microsoft? How realistic is that?

If Audirvana did what you suggest they would probably make the Studio subscription more expensive to include Origin. But why would they? Most people don’t want both, so why let people pay more for something they don’t need? Let people simply choose (and pay) for what they want. Besides that: you can already install Studio (for free) on as many computers as you like (but only use it on one at a time).

In this case Audirvana gives a simple choice between two different versions of the program:

  1. People who don’t like a subscription model (or don’t need streaming) can buy Origin.
  2. People who don’t mind a subscription model or want streaming can subscribe to Studio.

If you want both: simply do 1 and 2. Exactly the way it is now: Freedom of choice.

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Audirvana does not do life-time licenses for subscriptions and made that clear on this forum. Roon regrets that they did lifetime licenses in the first place (just see the official Roon reactions on the Roon forum). Also the one-time price for Origin is strictly not a lifetime license either (see the previous post of @Djm1960 ).

Of course Audirvana does do special offers once in a while (they did that in the past with discounts on prices), but that is their prerogative. It is not something the OP (or any other user) is entitled to or can demand.


Hi @Jim_F : You are right. I probably oversimplified it a bit in my post to bring my point across :wink:

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