Audirvana Studio no valid subscription

see title. But, according to my account page, my Studio subscription should be valid unti 17th of May. What is wrong ?

Hello @JvI,

Do you have this error every time you try to log in Audirvāna Studio?

no, it is the first time. I was trying to startup Studio once again because Audirvana remote (Plus version) on my Ipad would not connect to Origin.

Ok, if you get this error again, please come back to me and I will do further investigations on the subject.

this is the message.

Are you using the same account to connect to Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Origin?

Yes, I do.

Ok, do you have this behavior on a Windows or Mac device?

Windows (10)

Can you disconnect and then reconnect your account? To do this you need to go to Audirvāna Origin settings, My Account section.

OK, I did the disconnect/connect action. I can now log into Studio as well.

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