Audirvana Studio not listed as installed app under Windows 11

Hi there!

As a troubleshooting measure, I’d like to un-install and »fresh« re-install Audirvana Studio.

Problem with this: My Windows 11 does not list Audirvana Studio as an installed app, although it runs on that machine since months ago.

What could be wrong here?
How to install an »un-detected« app?

Thanks a lot!

I have Audirvana Origin (and before that Studio). Audirvana should be listed in the Windows\settings\apps\installed apps. Click on the three dots (…) to uninstall.

Are you sure you don’t see Audirvana in the screen above? Maybe check the sort options in that screen or type ‘Audirvana’ in the search bar?

Also see the following link:

Uninstalling the trial version? - Studio - Audirvana

If nothing else works: Start Audirvana and go to ‘manage my account’:

There you have the possibility to download (and re-install) Audirvana again. With some luck this should basically do a ‘repair’.

Alternatively you can also go directly to the Audirvana website and download/re-install Audirvana Studio from there.

After that you should certainly see Audirvana in the uninstall options of Windows.

Thanks a big lot! Works!

Before I tried it via Control panel > Programs > Uninstall a program, which is my usual way to un-install something. No Audirvana is listed there …

Audirvana is a ‘modern’ Microsoft store app. As far as I know those are not listed in the ‘antiquated’ control panel :wink:

“antiquated” but much better. Many times I had to reinstall Windows because of App Installer errors. Just for Audirvana. In fact many old Windows users call these MS$ new “sweets” (Store, Defender, telemetry) garbage. Roon, HQPlayer, JRiver, all of my apps doesn’t need them. Don’t blame Microsoft, blame Audirvana because don’t want to use a regular Installer. Just my 2 cents. Sorry for offtopic.

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