Audirvana Studio odd playlist display

I do not know for sure if it is deliberate on the part of Audirvana, but when I select a playlist, the Track view shows only the tracks relevant to the filter, but when the Album view is selected, the whole content of albums containing at least one relevant track are displayed.
Smart Playlist with rule “Genre” contains “Chamber Music” correctly displays the “Chamber Music” tracks in Track view. In Album view, the albums containing “Chamber Music” tracks are displayed, but when one opens an album, all tracks of that particular album appear, even if they are not “Chamber Music”.
This is preposterous. In album view, the UI should show the Artwork tiles and when any is opened, only the relevant tracks should be displayed at the exclusion of the others.
The reason why it is important, because most people have a rather good visual memory, which helps immensely in the identification of the track sought.

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