Audirvana Studio on a Syno: howto

Dear all,
This short post to provide some tips and hints in order to have a working version of AS on your Syno.
1- Make sure you have the latest version of DSM.
Although there is no indication of the expected version, my first tentative was a failure (AS could not be started) due to wrong version of the C++ library.
2- Make sure you use the right Ethernet IF (In case you have a Syno with multiple Ethernet cards).
Strangely, this do not affect the discovery of devices on the network but will prevent AS to receive messages from the device, and thus will be unable to play music.
3- Make sure that the folders (and their subfolders) you would like to sync DO NOT contain any eaDir folders.
If it is the case, AS will refuse to start the sync process and will raise an request/query error.
This is actually rather strange as AS on a MAC does not care about those eaDir in the synced folders.
My assumption: a specific scan is performed to the folder before the syncing process starts, and that scan is not repeated again on that folder even if it is modified on the fly and requires another syncing.
4- You can sync with AS any folder (local or remote mounted by CIFS), provided of course you have read access to those folders.

That’s all!

Now, I will perform a test to see (or better, try to hear) a difference if any in terms of sound quality. If something is discovered, I will let our expert people to analyse the case and report any findings :wink:


The @eaDir folder issue reports in the log (on my DS918+) as a permission issue, but of course AS should ignore these folders in the future.

Also, I had to grant permission to folders other than “music” to the system internal user “audirvana-studio”.

Maybe it varies depending on your specific setup.

Thanks for this,
I did not yet have a look to the log, and did not even know where to look at to find the logfile…
On my side I did not assign any specific permission to the internal user “audirvana-studio”.

I also noticed that the sync process produces not the same results as the one I got on my MAC: some albums that exists in different versions (SD/HD for example) are merged together, which I did not notice on the MAC. But, it’s worth to mention that on my MAC, the two versions of those albums came at different moments and were not both existing when the sync process started.