Audirvāna Studio on Intel Macs?

After today’s presentation, it sounded like Audirvāna Studio has specifically been built to run on Apple silicon computers.
Now I’m wondering:
~ Will Audirvāna Studio will run on my older Mac Mini running High Sierra (10.13.6), dedicated to music only and, running headless?
~ If it will run on my Intel Mac, will I be able to experience the “more transparent” (than the current 3.5 build) reproduction mentioned in the presentation today?

I’ve been running 3.5 for less than three months only to find out that my “lifetime” license is for software that is no longer going to be supported. Just when I thought I had this all (my lossless music server) worked out, I’m forced to look for other options.

You won’t be able to know that with certainty until you try after May 16.

As for the Intel based Macs, nothing changes there. The quality will remain high. The sound quality was never a problem.

If you stick with the current version and you don’t upgrade your headless server, you’re good for years to come.

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