Audirvāna Studio Playlists

I am able to create and name a Playlist on AS but I am unable to add any of my music to it. I was able to do all of this previously on AS and have no problem accomplishing this on 3.5 or on AS using Qobuz. Only a problem with my library.
It has been like this for about a week now.
Is anyone here experiencing this?

Hello @Tuneman ,

Can you send a screenshot of the playlist you created with the playlist manager opened?

I am now able to create and play playlists from my library. I was advised to delete the playlists I had attempted to make. I was able to make and name them but could not add any of my music library to them only titles from Qobuz. There was no “add to playlist” available for my library.
After starting over I did “create new playlist” instead of “create new smart playlist” and was able to create and play playlists. Here is a pic. also a pic of before where I had no "add to playlist’ option.
Thank you for your assistance.

Now that you have manual playlists created, if you do a right click on a local library track, do you see the option to add the track to a playlist?

Answer is Yes. Now I have that option available and it works well to create Playlists from my library and Qobuz and even a combination of both.

Thank you for your assistance and for following up. Studio is working very well for me now.

Bien à vous