Audirvana Studio plays albums in random order

All of a sudden Audirvana Studio plays my albums – local ones as well as those streamed from Qobuz – in random order. Album view shows the correct order of the album tracks, but in Play Queue the tracks are shown in random order and naturally they are played in this order.

I deleted com.audirvana.Audirvana-Studio.plist and Audirvana created a new one, which helped, but for one day only. The other day the problem occurred again.

When clicking the shuffle button in Audirvana it is lightend as long as I click, but this does not alter anything. Is there any help? Or is this a bug?

Audirvana Studio 2.3.0 (20300)
macOS Version 13.4 (Build 22F66) with 16GB physical RAM

Have you just hit the shuffle button by error?


No. But there seems to be a problem with this button. How should it function? Is there a status “shuffle” and a status “no shuffle”? And how can I discern them? It seems that the button is without any function in my system.

It changes color when on…

Thanks so much @RunHomeSlow. You were right of course. It was the shuffle button. I did not realize, that this button is on the bottom of the screen in the playing section. I was misled by the shuffle sign in the upper section near the album info.

By the way: What is this for? It seems without function.

You mean the :white_heart: (heart) button? If you click that you add an album or a track to your favorites. If you click it again you remove it again from your favorites. You can find your favorites here:

No @AndyLubke. I meant the shuffle button in the upper section of the screen (marked with arrow). Obviously it works only one way. It activates the shuffle mode, when clicked. Afterwords the shuffly icon in the bottom of the screen in the now playing section is lightened. But it does not work when one wants to end shuffle mode. This can – as far as I see – done only via the shuffle button at the bottom, not via the shuffle button in the upper section. That was my problem, as I did not realize that there are two shuffle buttons.

But it seems to be a bug, that one of them works only in one direction.

Hi @Orgelfreund your arrow points to the three dots ‘…’ in the picture that seems a bit confusing :grinning:


I don’t know it it is a bug or a ‘feature’

From left to right:


  1. The play button ( :arrow_forward: ) here only works to start playing the recently added list and can not be pressed again to stop.
  2. The random button ( :twisted_rightwards_arrows: ) works the same. It can only be pressed once to start shuffle playing the recently added list and can not be pressed again to stop it.
  3. The three dots (…) shows a menu with further choices which can only be pressed once.

The main actions (stop, pause, shuffle etc.) have to be done from the bar below:

  1. Show play history
  2. Repeat
  3. Play/Pause
  4. Shuffle
  5. Show play queue
  6. Stop / unlock Audio Device

I think it is more the logic of Audirvana’s developer you have to try to follow than a bug :grinning:

Thank you so much @AndyLubke for your patient explanation and I beg your pardon for the arrow. It should have pointed to the shuffle symbol of course. Wih your friendly help I now have a better understanding of the various buttons. Now it is time to enjoy music again!

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