Audirvana Studio - remote access is not working

Starting with Audirvana studio test (I’m using Audirvana 3.5 since a while) - windows 10.

Looks everything is working properly -until now.

Except remote UI (same behavior on an android phone and on a iPad).

Connection to Audirvana is not working - on both android and iPad devices.

No issue with V3.5.

I try with different wifi access (2.4 or 5ghz / Box or additional router) - no changes.


The remote that you have won’t work with AS.
A new remote is scheduled in a few weeks.

Scheduled in a few weeks???

If so, no way I am able to test Audirvana Studio as my server is in another room.

This is not good releasing a new version without a functioning remote!

Will need to see if I can get things to work with TeamViewer, but tedious.