Audirvana Studio Remote?

Does the Audirvana Remote work on Audirvana Studio yet?

I can’t get it working?

Thanks Mark

Yes it certainly does, In order to get some assistance please let everyone know what your os and phone type is.

Did you not get a number code on screen to pair phone to your computer at all ?

There is a separate category devoted to remote on the forum

Thanks for that I will look into it.

I have a mac with Monterey and an iPhone with the latest iOS.

Cheers Mark

Ok , You should be in good shape that’s my setup as well. Did you set your firewall to allow connection?

No pair code, the app cannot find my iMac?


Should the app just simply pick up the computers on the network or do I have to do something on the main computer? My firewall is off.

Been a while since I did mine, Do a restart on phone and computer


You could do a un-reinstall of the app and try again.
Hopefully this will help.

Thanks guys, rebooted the mac and iPhone and then it worked. The old reboot has solved many a problem over the years. thanks again.


Bingo ! Good deal, I had some memories of seeing that trick

Have fun with it, Cheers