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I join the Audirvana community after many years with Roon, the sound is better with Audirvana only I would need your feedback for the right Audirvana setting

I use 1 Pc of Control under Windows 11 Pro and Audirvana Studio

  • AMD Ryzen
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • JCAT NET CARD XE Network Card

this one is connected in USB to a Box connected itself to the fiber

the second Pc is under Linux Gentooplayer/HQPE for DSD 512 convolution

  • AMD Ryzen
  • 32GB DDR4 Low Latency CAS 14
  • JCAT NET CARD XE Network Card
  • JCAT USB XE Board

the assembly is connected to 7 Linear power supplies

the signal is sent in USB to a Holo Sprin 3 level 2 DAC

here for the description, I want to know the main basic settings because I dry a little

First of all for the parameterizations of the DAC input, I indicated several options by a red arrow because I do not sias lesuqlles to use?

  • Do not use RAW PCM??
  • Gpaless reading mode??
  • Fix for parreils with Untimely stops?
  • Autodectection of DAC MQA??
    I use TIDAL Master Family
    -DAC not specified as MQA ( Holo Spring 3 Level 2 )
    What option should I take
    - not MQA?
    - Render MQA?
    -MQA decoder?

Thank you for your feedback


With MQA autodetect enabled, audirvana tries to determine the correct setting based on the driver/feedback information.

If you do not have an MQA DAC, you can turn this off and manually set it so that the DAC does not support this. ‘Not MQA’

The other settings are to accommodate specific UPnP variations. If you connect via USB you shouldn’t need this.

Thank you for your prompt feedback

The other specific UPnP parameters will be used in this case, if I’ve understood correctly.

Control Pc1 Windows 11 /Audirvana Studio Ethernet link to Pc 2 Gentooplayer/HQPE Ethernet link to Reference Diretta DST 00 to I2S link for DAC Holo Spring Level 2

I personally have no experience with that.

You could turn everything off. If it works well, you are ready to listen to music. If there are specific problems that one of the settings matches, you can try that.

There is a ‘plays with Audirvana’ list. Here are validated settings from various applications. Yours is not (yet) among them. You can request a list from @Antoine to fill in, other users can then adopt these settings.

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