Audirvana Studio sorting and filtering

On my installation sorting and filtering works only for local files. Is it supposed to be or may be I’m doing it wrong? If the latter, please give a link to the sorting and filtering instructions.

I have the same experience. I have created a manual playlist that contains both tracks from my local library and from the streaming service Qobuz. One thing that seems to be missing is when I am using the filter function and I am filtering for a specific artist, only artists from my local library are present. None of the artists in the playlist from Qobuz are listed to be used as a filter.

Also, when using the global search, artists from the local library or streaming service are not found in the playlists to which they have been added to.

Is that something that could be enabled? Especially the first issue would be extremely useful because it would give equal control over both artists from a local library and artists from streaming services like Qobuz.

Hello @gerdk,

You are right about it as I have been able to reproduce this behavior on my side. We will fix this in the next update of Studio.

Does this mean that it will be possible to sort and filter the results of queries to Qobuz and Tidal?

Yes you will be able to do this.

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@Antoine, that is fantastic news! Thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated.

@Antoine, thinking about it. It would be very helpful if albums from streaming services could be added to the library, which is not possible right now if I am not mistaken. That would make it easier to create various playlists that include albums from streaming services from the same library.