Audirvana Studio -- still with issues synching my personal library

In 2019, I tried Audirvana as a trial, but I could never get the library to sync. I’m back again, trying to make this work with Studio. Still having issues (see below). In my previous thread from '19, there were suggestions to me that perhaps a bad/corrupt file was causing Audirvana to crash. That may indeed be the case. Finding the offending file may be difficult, however – my personal library is massive: numerous hard drives, each with thousands of audio folders and many, many songs within each.

Here’s what I’m seeing now:

Current Environment: M1 Mac Mini, numerous drives – some in a 5-drive enclosure, others separate. Latest MacOs (Sonoma 14.0).

  1. Try to sync one drive, it seems to be going well, then it stalls. Or Audirvana crashes. Or, in the midst of a sync, the attached drive seems to disappear from the local listing area.

  2. Looking at the log, there seem to be a host of errors. Either:
    a. Disk I/O error
    b. Warning: disk or database is full. [I know the disc isn’t full, so it must be a database error]
    c. [warning]: unable to update track for rollback
    d. [exception]: unable to load artist
    e. [error] UPnP: error obtaining device description
    f. [error] error opening the FLAC file for decoding.

  3. OK, the above are some of the many error messages I get in the log file. It seems to be many files that can’t be read properly and/or other errors. Frankly, some of the errors are likely due to the app going haywire after the first few read issues.

So here are my questions:

  1. What can I do to pinpoint the source of the problem? No drive loads completely correctly. Do I need to load folder-by-folder to locate offending files? Each drive has thousands of folders. Each drive has many 10s of thousands of files.
  2. Why would certain files not load correctly? What is it about a file that would cause Audirvana to choke on it?
  3. Why doesn’t Audirvana just act gracefully if it finds a “bad file” and just move on? Why does the presence of a “bad file” cause the app to start behaving badly (see above)?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated about how to find the source of the problem expeditiously.

Thank you, Dave

Oh, additionally: once the drives ‘disappear’ in the Local area, I cannot add them back. When I try to do so, I get a “Fatal Error” message saying that I cannot add the drives.

When a drive disappears, and I can watch it happen in real time, some times it is toggling back to/from the Local Albums vs. Artists vs. Tracks.

Sometimes, when I close Audirvana and open it back up, the files that HAVE synced show up – and the drives are back. Sometimes, they are not. There is no consistency here.

Hoping someone on the Product Team can explain what is going on here and what I can do to address this.

Thank you in advance, Dave

Note: I am now trying to sync these drives one-at-a-time. Trying to sync them in an order from (likely) least problematic to most. Hoping that I can get multiple drives synced up so I can at least eliminate some as the cause of the problem.

I have 6 drives in total here, so if I can’t vet some of them as good, I doubt I will be able to find the ultimate source of the problem…without turning this into a Senior Thesis-level endeavor.

Hi @dburna,

Can you send the logs file to so I can review them and answer you accordingly?

There are quite a number of people having issues with USB drives in macOS Sonoma. The Mac Rumors and even Apples own forum are littered with issues causing random disconnect or failures to recognise disks on Startup.

I do not have issues but then all of my external disks use Thunderbolt.

I have attached a link with some potential solutions.

Best of luck!

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I am definitely wrestling with the disconnecting drives issue as well, Thanks for sending this article.

I found one issue: the size of my collection creates a large sqlite database and I was running of of disk space. That was one of my problems. I have cleared more space on my Mac Mini and am syncing again. I don’t think this is the end of my issues, however. I will finish the syncing and send you the log file shortly.

Thanks for your offer – will definitely take you up on it.


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Have sent in the partial database log and sglite files to you, Antoine.

Now I am trying to build up the entire database: 5.5 drives’ worth.

Biggest issue now is that database size is 17.63GB and climbing. Loading files at this point is verrryyy slow: only a couple hundred tracks every 5-10 minutes. Syncing the entire database might take many more days at this rate. My concern is that the local file database performance seems to drop off after this point. Ordinarily, when the database is loading actively, I can hear the hard drives spinning/accessing files. Currently, with about 40% of the files left to load, I only hear the drives spinning every 5 minutes or so. Leads me to believe there is a loading issue after the database gets to a certain size. Of course, I don’t know the design, so I am only conjecturing at this point.

I am aware that a collection as large as mine presents significant challenges. At this point, I am just interested to see if the database will be able to load my full collection.

Thanks, Dave

Latest update: for anyone who hasn’t already, definitely upgrade to Version 2.7 – it’s an improvement.

Sync problems persist, however:

  1. Version 2.7 got me to load most of my remaining collection.
  2. Sync at this point is very slow: in the last 24 hours, Audirvana has added 5-6 albums, none in the last 10-12 hours.
  3. At this point, Sync accesses the hard drives from time to time – I can hear the drives churn – but no changes are made to the database.
  4. Sync is also not adjusting the database to reflect moved files. As it finds “new” files (moved from another drive), it adds them to the collection…but it has not removed files that are no longer on their original drive. Thus, my collection shows currently that it has 100k+ tracks more than it should.
  5. Further, while the database is trying (unsuccessfully) to sync, automated metadata recovery doesn’t seem to be happening. This makes sense, I guess – Audirvana is trying first to sync the data, then work on the metadata. However, this means that the unsuccessful data sync is impacting other functions within the app as well.

Bottom line: Version 2.7 is a step in the right direction…but sync issues still persist. My best guess at this point is that Audirvana is encountering data load errors, but it is not bypassing/addressing these gracefully, so it continues to churn on them over and over. However, I don’t know definitively that this is the case.

Note to developers: I have sent you folks the most recent copy of my database and log files (via OneDrive) as of 2/15/2024. Hopefully this will help in debugging the remaining issues.

Regards, David

P.S. One additional question: does anyone know of a way to STOP Audirvana from syncing drives? Once it starts to sync, it seems determined to complete that task. In several cases, I thought it would be good to stop the sync and allow the application to take a breather. However, I can’t figure out any way to do so. Even when I try to stop/restart Audirvana, the app goes into “drive sync mode” upon reopening, so this doesn’t “break the cycle” either. If anyone has any suggestions here, I’d be much obliged on ways past this.

What is the total size of your library?

:notes: :eye: :headphones: :eye: :notes:

Close to 1.3M titles. :grin:

I know it is a huge/outlier collection, but I’ve worked hard for years to put all this together, so…

Is that albums or tracks? How many tracks in aggregate? …Must have cost you a fortune to accumulate such an immense collection…

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OK, actually 1.23M tracks. And yes, cost a pretty penny. But it makes me happy, so…


Until about a year ago, I have always driven pedestrian cars.

No doubt a big investment in many ways… including time to listen to them all… Seems it will take years to audition the entire library at least once-through… :thinking:

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Wonderfull collection. Will help all of us whose partners say we spend way too much on music…. I have only 7000 tracks in my local library. If you don’t mind I will quote your library size as the rationale for why I am being deprived and need a 10 fold increase in this years annual music budget! :+1:

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