Audirvana Studio subscription offer for 3.5 owners

Hi !
I am trying to use that offer for owners of 3.5 licence but my account page is showing only regular prices without discount.
I bought 3.5 on may 12
I installed on Mac mini fresh copy of studio trial with email associated with my 3.5 purchase.
In account section my purchase is recognized no problem
I want to keep 3.5 and run on my older Windows 10 PC
Studio I want to use on Mac and there is message on Audirvana Studio info pages about discount options etc.
As 3.5 owner I suppose to get studio for one year for $ 49 CDN (I live in Canada)
But how to get this offer I have no idea.
Any help will be greatly appreciated !
I wrote email to Audirvana Support but so far I got general automated message.

I didn’t try to click on $ 89 offer

When I click on $ 89 offer in my account it is directing me straight to my Pay Pal account.So I stepped back to safety

I just got e-mail from Audirvana support.
There was some issue time zone related.
It is working correctly now.
Last day folks !
Half price !
Have a great Day !

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