Audirvana Studio Tidal, Qobuz and HRA streaming speed in kbps

That’s it that’s all !

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A very interesting proposition, and I don’t think it would cost a lot of work.

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Hello @Derek,

This info is maybe not available with their API but we will need to take look at it firs to know if it’s possible to do this.

You can do some research on your own !

Thank you for you positive input !

You would know what the bitrate of the file being played is. Which explains the difference in song loading speed.

Internet bandwidth, network, PC speed, bandwidth limitation of streaming provider will all have an impact as well.

A 320 mp3 will be 320Kbps.
An AIFF/WAV 16/44.1 will be 1411Kbps.
24/96 => 4608Kbps.
24/192 => 9216Kbps.
32/384 => 24567Kbps
A flac file would be about 50% to 70% of that.
A MQA 24/48 (24/96 and 24/192) is around 1500Kbps. (Like Raw pcm redbook)

Please correct me if I have made a mistake.

Have a great day !

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No more screen shots for you !

There will be some difference depending on the content. The FLAC encoder will try to create the smallest possible file.

320 mp3 CBR will always be 320Kbps. An MP3 with a variable bitrate will also vary a bit.
So what the bitrate shows versus the sample rate and bit depth is how efficient the encoder is.

A mono track does not load slower, but is half the size in kbps. Only 1 channel.

I think I get where the confusion comes from. The kbps is not a data loading speed. But the amount of bits per second from the stream.
If you load the same file 10 times, you get the same speed 10 times.

If not then I’m wrong.

You are messing everything. What you point to is the bit rate of the track itself.
It has nothing to do with a download speed.

This track is not streamed neither by Tidal nor by Qobuz.
It is loaded in Yate that displays its bit rate.
Even if I shut off my Wi-Fi router, the bit rate of the track will remain the same. :grinning:


The is no such thing as streaming speed.

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Well said !

??? You lost me.

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In the screenshots that you posted, such as this one, the bit rate of the track is displayed.
It does not matter if it is streamed or not streamed. It will always be the same.


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Great discussion !

Yes you are right !


No problem. Enjoy the music Derek!

Tidal claims that they stream up to 9216kbps:

Not sure what they mean by that. Is it MQA that’s equivalent to this bitrate or they really stream at that bitrate.