Audirvāna Studio Trial Extension

It has a column browser, located at the top of the interface, so it doesn’t block song info, unlike 3.5. It also doesn’t assume that, when the user clicks on another artist, in the browser, it means the user wishes to select both artists, unlike 3.5. This change, in 3.5, was obviously very cumbersome, when one has a large music library and wants to switch from, say Brian Eno to Thelonious Monk, or something along those lines. It is also very easy, when using 3.2, to select multiple artists/ albums, should one desire, by using the Command key, in MacOS.

Long story short, the only reason I abandoned 3.5 was that the UI was godawful and represented an unimaginable step backwards, in terms of functionality and user experience. After over a year of feeling like I was shouting into a void, trying to get responses to my many issues with the new software, I simply gave up and back-graded to 3.2.20, which I use [mostly] happily, to this day.

It makes up for what it lacks, in terms of sound, when compared with future releases, in basic functionality and overall user experience, especially if the user has a large, local music library, as I do.

Again, I just can’t imagine how someone looks at the most popular, widely used music library management and playback software on the planet and says “I’m going to design something that throws out both the good and the bad with this platform.” It just never ceases to boggle my mind.

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Thank you for your reply.
I’m an A2.5 user. I didn’t know that A3.2 had a column browser. I also consider that this is a very useful display mode for large libraries. I’m surprised to learn that this display mode existed in earlier versions of A3 and was abandoned in later versions.

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So AS displays the same album twice when it’s coming from different sources (streaming and local), as opposed to letting the user choose which preferred source to use for that album?

That’s simply terrible. And you still wanna say it works perfectly?

No, he has no local music at all. He has two sources, because he subscribed both to Tidal and Qobuz. That’s why he has all his albums in double.

Yeah but on Roon you can select your Primary album so you only see one album. There is also a function that allows you to select “Version”, and that then shows all versions of the album available which you can select to play as a one off, or lets you select a different Primary version if you so choose. It sometimes shows half a dozen or more because it lists all version on the streaming services , eg 16 bit, 24 bit, MQA, and it also shows local version if you have one. I’m sure Audirvana could integrate this function. (sorry if you know all this)

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It’s a very interesting feature. I’m not a Roon user, so I didn’t know it.
I don’t stream, but I have many albums in different formats, different re-matreings, different editions… Having them all grouped together would be nice.

In addition, when I tried Roon, a few years ago, it had another feature that I liked. It was displaying on the cover of each album, what was its format and resolution. ith AS, I see a rips of CD and of a SACD of the same album with the same cover, and the only way for me to know which is what is to open one of the albums in order to check.

“ Roon has worked perfectly for me since the day I plugged in my Nucleus almost 19 months ago. I do hope Apple Music turns out to be a good alternative for use away from home. I get Apple Music for free from Verizon. I don’t like Audirvana 3.5 and don’t want to pay $70 per year for Audirvana Studio.”

You wrote this ^^^ on the Roon forum yesterday.

On here you say you like it and it works perfectly for your use case. On the Roon forum however that doesn’t seem to be the case. So which is it? :man_shrugging:


Yep, roasted.


Hello people. I don’t understand you. I thought it’s about music and sound. “Haters”, “Emotions”, wtf? I love to have emotions when listening to good music with good sound.
I tried Roon and found a worst sound than AS. Also is expensive, i’m not a rich person, paying for Qobuz and AS is enough for my budget. Have a very simple system, a slow comp with a good usb dac and a stereo amplifier.
AS works good for me and is stable, even if has some bugs, but my computer never sounds better!


On Roon’s forum there are some morons who paid $700 for a lifetime license, and are looking to convince themselves that they did the right choice, because everything but Roon sucks.

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Lol. From this atitude does not benefit anyone. The frustration does not help. I think friendship between communities and developers is more important and desirable. Roon and Audirvana are not the same, for me is better Audirvana, for a network player probabily is better Roon. They can be tested for free and user can choose what’s best for his/her needs/ears. And also i think the expression “for life” is a stupidity. Serious? Are you sure that after, let’s say 10 years, the things will be the same as today? I mean techology, our lives, services. Pure nonsense.


I‘m puzzled. Most of you are complaining that you don‘t like subscriptions, yet you call Roon users that purchased lifetime subscription morons!?!?

They got a great deal, especially those that bought the lifetime license at 500 bucks. They broke even after few years, and now they‘re enjoying Roon for free. Even at 800 bucks it‘s a bargain for the users that are willing to commit for the long run. If you‘re interested in Roon I would snap it while the lifetime offer is still available. There are rumours that it will be retired soon.

Yeah but I’ve tried Roon 6 times now and still i come back to Audirvana as to me it sounds so much better.

It’s driving me mad that there’s no remote for AS and I’m having to be on my laptop constantly, radio 2 is low bit rate, and I have to restart the app to play radio… but Roon made music sound ok but not that exciting, underwhelming given the amount I’ve spent on my system, AS makes it sound awesome and exciting…

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Grow up, what about freedom of speech/opinion ?

Many Roon users had a look at AS why not ? I keep an open mind

AS is problematic!!!

I couldn’t get uPNP to work at all , is that not a problem

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@Doudou didn’t say that you are moron, i don’t said that, he just said “there are some morons”. 500 or 800 is too much for me to pay once, even with this sum in my pocket i have other priorities, you know the life… And i don’t need Roon, thanks for info. One more thing: let’s be fair without bullshit marketing; once you pay for something, product or service, it’s not fair to use words like “free”. This is manipulative. Personally i think both Roon and AS are great but for me at least for the moment i chose AS.

Please keep it civil.

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I just read about Nucleus. Sounds good but i don’t think i need it. Also is expensive. I mean i have a single room, AS with local library and Qobuz, usb dac, pioneer amplifier and stereo wood speakers. For me it’s ok, also financial. Do you think i can benefit from Nucleus (just a curiosity, i’m new in this teritory, i’m from a poor country where winamp and piracy were the kings, and later foobar 2000)?

I agree with you, loved 3.2… didn’t like 3,5 UI, but as I mainly ( only ) use the album view, I’ve stuck with 3.5. AS is a step too far though,

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Basically the Nucleus is an Intel NUC (‘NUCleus’) computer, built in a different case by Roon and with Roon Rock pre-installed on it.

If you do not want to spend so much money for a Nucleus you can also buy a NUC and install Rock yourself. Just Google, there are lots of enthousiasts who have done this. I will not elaborate any further on this, because that is completely off topic :grinning:

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I agree. Thank you!