Audirvāna Studio Trial Extension

The purpose of this post is to get as many replies as possible in support of a trial extension for Audirvana Studio, in order to get the attention of the developers. Assuming you agree with the request, of course.

The reasons for the request:
The Audirvana Studio remote app is not yet developed and, as well, my understanding is that the AS application is still missing some features to make it complete.

Personally, I do not want to subscribe to Audirvana without trying out the remote app and making sure it works for me, because the remote plays an important role in my music listening experience. Once my trial runs out, I will not be able to test it without subscribing first.

Suggested approach to trial extension:
Perhaps it could be possible to get a second 14 or even 7 day trial to try out Audirvana Studio once the remote app becomes available.


Clearly Damian is a One Man Band, and I suspect he currently doesn’t know which way is up. In order to take some pressure off Damian, I would suggest the trial is restarted in 4 weeks time, so that we can try out Audirvana Studio with a remote and also Radio AAC


Agreed. There appears to be far too many bugs in the software at the moment for me, and I’m reasonably certain quite a few others on here, to contemplate entering into a subscription for a product which, quite simply, doesn’t perform adequately. With the exception of a few on here saying “well, it works for me”, there would appear to be many, many more for whom it doesn’t.
The lack of a remote with no indication as to when we’ll actually have one is also a major mistake.
Perhaps the overriding reason for increasing the trial period, for me at least, is the fact that the analysation of my files may actually be completed if we were granted a 4 week extension :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I also find the lack of feedback on here from the development team to be quite astounding. I believe users are encouraged to use this forum as a mechanism to finding answers to any problem they may have? Judging by the response (or lack of) so far this is quite evidently not the case.


AS is clearly Beta software.

The lack of a remote is a deal breaker for anyone who has a headless server, and more to the point ‘breaks’ the usefulness of AS for very many AV users. In other words, AS is a step backwards.

At the very minimum AS should be FoC to registered AV users until it is functionally complete and working.

There could also be considerable benefit to make AS FoC to all until same time.

I have seen some quite heavyweight software FoC until it went to final release - this can build a strong user base who are committed to its success by providing feedback, plus a god commercial foundation of early adopters.

At the moment, this has the recipe of a rather spectacular fail.


I agree, you cannot beta test a music player without a remote, which is an intrinsic feature of the Ux.

I’m still hoping everything gets ironed out, I’d actually like to continue to support the product. But I can’t in the current state.


Agreed. I’d be willing to subscribe to a (non-crashing) AS purely on the basis that I’m hearing subtle details in my music that weren’t audible in 3.5. I’ve spent countless thousands on hardware in pursuit of the same goal.

But a prerequisite for any subscription has to be a product that works reasonably well most of the time. And we’re evidently not there yet. C’mon guys! (Guy?) :shushing_face:


Agreed. AS looks pretty when compared to 3.5, but is only partly functional.

Not sure I can hear any difference between AS & 3.5, so it needs more going for it than just looking pretty.


Bonjour a tous, c’est clair, AS ne fonctionne pas, plantages à répétitions, plantage de W10 (écran bleu) et la liste est longue… mélomane averti est passionné de materiel hifi, j’ai encore jamais vu un truc pareil. j’espère que les dévelopers prendront acte de tous ces messages, en attendant d’avoir des réponses. cordialement. jucjean.


for me the trial is completely wasted without the remote.


It would be one thing if they were just tidying some things up with the remote and released it a few days later. That would be somewhat annoying, but easily dealt with. But to not have the remote ready two weeks after launch tells me they weren’t even close…they should have pushed back the AS launch. This whole endeavor was not even close to ready for prime time.


I totally agree. Fixes have been slow coming on Studio and it is far from finished.


Agreed on extension. AS works pretty much flawlessly for me, but not having a remote is a royal pain in the ass. I don’t detect a difference in quality between AS and Roon, they both sound great in their own right. But Roon has remote so is a winner for me so far.

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AS supports digital booklets unlike Roon and sounds much better to my ears when upsampling. Unfortunately, the UI is very broken. I can’t even click most things on my 4K display. There’s no scaling built in. No remote is also a killer since my machine is in an adjacent room to the stereo system. I’m going to switch to Roon and wait for things with AS to be ironed out.

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It did previously on A3.5, but that proved often useless by the absence of a zooming feature.
Has AS implemented a zooming feature in the displaying of booklets?

I thought not…

agreed, remote control is super important for everyone who dont sit with they computer to listen music, a free trial is different to beta testing

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you can ctrl+scroll wheel.
worked in 3.5 too.

Thank you, I will try.
Still, I find it hard that such features are undocumented.

Yes trial extension would be good, especially since the software is not working for me and I can’t use it. On my computer Audirvana Studio crashes all the time when trying to play tracks in Kernel Streaming. Or it loads a track and never plays it. Or it says “unable to change to integer mode”. If Audirvana Studio does not work by the time the trial ends I’m not going to pay for a subscription for a software that does not work.


Here’s my vote :slight_smile:

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100% agree!!
thank you Jhonnystar