Audirvāna Studio version number goes too fast

You’re running the version numbers for Audirvana Studio too fast. It should have been 1.0.3 instead of 1.3.0. Reserve the minor numbers for more substantial changes. With one version release per week we’ll soon be on version 27 or Audirvana Studio.

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According to my non mba math degree after 9 comes 10 then 11, 12 and so on :grin:


I’m probably wrong, but my best guess is that the “minor” numbers are reserved for internal versioning changes that are not pushed to the public. So they might fix a bug and release it to the internal team as 1.2.01, then add another fix and call it 1.2.02, ect…
Then when it’s ready to release to the public, we get 1.3.0

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