Audirvana Studio volume control. A couple of questions

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a maddening question.

I have read that the main volume control (bottom right) on Audirvana Studio is best left at max, without any gain normalisation etc. In terms of signal being ‘pure’ or whatever.

Seems to sound fine on my hi fi.

But when I run Audirvana through my USB DAC interface (Scarlett 18 channel mixer), the Scarlett software shows that it’s clipping.


  1. is there a way to check for clipping with just normal Audirvana → DAC → HiFi chain?
  2. is the issue more likely to be with my Scarlett than the Audirvana volume control?
  3. any other thoughts on this issue?

All the best,


Yes you can, you will need to use a plugin to see the clipping with an equalizer. You can find a good one for free here: Free effects | MeldaProduction

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