Audirvana studio vs. Euphony

Greetings to all lovers of good music. Has anyone tried to compare Audirvana Studio from Euphony?

I wonder who plays better. So that if anyone tried to compare …
I will be happy for any opinion.

Euphony sounds quite good when you play via its own player called Stylus. In terms of sound quality, it reminds me a lot of HQPlayer, very smooth and agreeable.

Euphony can also accommodate Roon under its own OS. But then you get a Roonish sound signature that is less pleasing in my opinion than the Stylus player.

Euphony can also be combined with HQPlayer, but I never really managed to get it working reliably.

The Stylus UI is a bit poor in my opinion and library management is very basic. The UI just didn’t appeal to me.

In my opinion, Euphony tried too much by combining the three systems under one roof. Running Roon under Euphony was unreliable in my setup and HQPlayer was basically not functioning. Apparently, there will be a new version 4 released, but I am not bothering to update. In fact, I stopped using Euphony altogether.

And there was no direct comparison from Audirvana Studio?

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