Audirvāna Studio / Windows 11

The application does not run on Windows 11.

are you sure?
I’m running Audirvana Studio on Windows 11 without problem, at least on build 22000.65.
What problem have encountered?

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Hello @claudiutuca ,

The version of Windows 11 you are using is not the public release of it so there will be change in it before it will be actually available for anyone.

Can you give us some example of what is happening when you try to open Studio on Windows 11?


Exactly. Windows 11 is beta. This means you have been warned officially by Microslop: if you install this you may encounter bugs and instability & if you install this you help us correct the problems & improve our services. In other words IF YOU WANT A STABLE SOLUTION (at least theoretical) DON’T INSTALL THIS!

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At this point Windows 11 isn’t even beta, it’s still in development. The only authorized copies from Microsoft are for windows insiders in the Dev channel. The Beta channel (which I’m in) is supposed to receive a more stable release later this summer. When those of us in the Beta channel get it we’ll have a lot better idea how AS will run on the final release but for now you can expect Dev channel releases to be a bit buggy.


Thanks for clarification. I don’t care too much about Windows, I’m happy with my LTSC and old computer for the moment. You are right, it’s not even beta. Anyway, for me the essential is important: is unstable, i’m not a computer guy and I don’t want to test anything.

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For my part Windows 11 run as Insider preview just for test .
I’ve installed it on a second SSD with the possibility to return to Windows 10 without problem.
For the moment I haven’t noticed problem with Audirvana Studio and it works as well as on Windows 10.
The sound quality is OK.


You are absolutely right, on this windows 11 (build 22000.65), the application runs very well. I go to Kernel Streaming (Cord Mojo) for clarity and it doesn’t even falsify the sound, but if I stop the application, I can’t open it until after a computer restart.

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It’s weird, I don’t have this problem by my side. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s that unstable thing, it won’t always do the same thing on different systems and it’s why they do things like the dev and beta channels-so it gets tested on many different systems and devices. I’m holding off on installing it until the beta releases, hopefully the dev guys will have killed a few of what must be many bugs by then. I’m sure they’ll miss a few though, they always do.

Have been running Studio on Win 11 insider development builds since they first came out, and didn’t notice any decrease in stability at all. The opposite in fact, since the last couple Studio builds have been the most stable for me. Still bugs to work out, but overall good.

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Windows 10 here. But I’ve had issues with earlier versions of AS. One of them was that it would freeze and the program wouldn’t exit normally. Only way to get it to run again was to force kill it from the task manager. Maybe it’s the same thing with your Windows. As you’ve stated that after a reboot AS would work.


Windows 11 is in Beta now. (I am on the “beta track” in Insider and this was the first version of 11 made available to me.)

In any event, AS won’t run on it after I reset Windows 10 before installing 11. (Had to do that because of a now-resolved problem with Windows Update.) I then I had to reinstall Studio, which went well.

Once installed, Studio loads, but nothing happens when I click on “settings.” I therefore can’t actually set up the application, so can’t use it at all.

I am debating whether to roll back to 10 so I can use Studio or whether I will just soldier on with JRiver (which works fine) until Studio and W11 play nicely together.

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Yes. @Antoine should look at Studio and Windows 11 before Windows 11 is released to the unwashed masses in the autumn.

I want to update my previous post about Windows 11.

I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 and then installed Studio. When I had it working, I upgraded to Windows 11. Studio’s settings remained accessible and carried over from Windows 10. It now is working fine.

Previously, I installed Studio only after I upgraded to Windows 11. That was not ideal, at least in my system.

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