Audirvāna Studio with Audiophile Optimizer

After having read positive reviews concerning sq with kernel streaming and as studio and remote seem to work now quite well I am considering to upgrade from 3.5.

I am using AO on my audio PC/windows 10 with very good results so that I will only migrate if it also is usable with studio. Has anybody already tried that? Problems, results?

Fidelizer would be my next steps - has anyone tried it with studio?

I use Fidelizer on my PC with all my players, so there’s no reason that it won’t work with Studio.
I try Studio on my Mac, because it performs better on Mac.

When it comes to the remote. It’s only available for iPhones and iPads at the moment. We’re still waiting for the Android version.

AO works perfectly fine with Studio. The only option that you should not use in any case is “Strip down Windows 10”.

AO completely removes the APP-Installer functions and services and you are not able to reverse it. I had to do a complete reinstall of Windows 10 :wink:

Fidelizer works perfectly with Studio.

And you can’t open Studio in Shell mode.


App Installer is also my frustration.

In my (and many others) opinion the best edition of Windows 10 is LTSC 1809. Stable, fast, light, without MS$ bloatware that you don’t want and need.

But Audirvana Studio can’t be installed because of some app installer errors/dependencies, I don’t know. All other apps works perfect, including Roon, but Audirvana no because of that App Installer.

So is there no way to use Audiophile optimizer with Studio? Are there any other options such as a batch fie that turns off most services but leaves the App Installer in tact? I’m not a computer expert and don’t know how to create such a batch file but has anyone ever tried?

So what did you do?
Did you buy a new Windows license especially for Audirvana?

No. In the meantime I solved this. There are some scripts (for example someone posted a good one few months ago here) wich can solve this problem (app installer / windows store). Right now I use LTSC with Audirvana with no problems (except usual AS bugs of course).

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