Audirvana Studio with VoiceOver on a Mac


I am using Audirvana Studio (latest release) on a Mac Book. Because I am blind I have to use the software with VoiceOver. VoiceOver is the screen reading software for blind users integrated on every Mac.

Normaly, after the initial installation has been finished and all settings are done, there is no need to get into the software very ofthen, evrything can be done via the remote app. So the remote app is more important regarding accessibility…

But there are some things I was not able todo without sighted help when installing Audirvana studio for the first time. Especialy I was not able to get rid of the warning regarding the volume might be to high. The time the warning was displayed was to short and aditionaly the button where this message can be confirmed was only clickable with the mouse. Normaly I don’t use the mouse so it is very important for screenreader users to get all things done also by keyboard.

Many buttons are displayed with unlabeled grafics or with descriptions that do not tell me the meaning of the button. This labels could be improved, especialy in the different setting menues.

Before going into more details I’d like to know if you are interested in such kind of problems and if you like to optimize Audirvana Studio also for blind users. If so, I can go through the software and write down the problems I have. I think most of the problems are unlabled grafics, that should be not to hard to fix ;-).

One bigger thing is the table construcion to browse the local library, online music services, podcasts and radio stations. This thing is completely unusable for me. But as said, normaly I use the remote app and there searching and browsing content is fine.

The remote app is very good to use with VoiceOver. There are only some unlabled grafics that could get a meaningfull description. I can also send feedback for the remote app and as said in another message I’d be very interested to participate in the beta test for the new iOS remote app to make sure it is also useable with VoiceOver.

Please keep Audirvana Studio and the remote app also useable for screen reader users, because there are not many alternative HIFI software players blind people can use…

Ciao and thanks for your great work and the super software,



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