Audirvana to Volumio

With earlier versions of Audirvana I could see and select my Volumio installation as a playback ‘device’. In the latest version this is no longer available. Is this no longer possible or do I need to do something to get this to work?

Audirvana for PC v 3.5 and Volumio in Raspberry Pi 3.


This might be a Volumio issue. Have you tried with RoPieee XL?

Thanks for that. The idea of using a different product to check the environment is so obvious that it never crossed my mind!:crazy_face:

Downloading and will report back.


RoPieee XL works perfectly so I’m looking for a Volumio problem.

Many thanks for your excellent suggestion.

No problem. The issue with UPnP is that it’s quite loosely implemented.

There’s been a string of issues with it in Volumio:

Don’t know what the current state is. I’m not following that issue with too much interest.