Audirvāna trial version issues!

Hi there. I have just installed the trial version of Audirvana with the intension of subscribing to your service in the future as I had heard good things about the App’s sound quality. However, the app doesn’t really seem to be working too well and I just wanted to confirm if maybe Im missing something or if in fact the app is really just full of bugs.

I am using a older MacBook Pro running High Sierra with 8 gigs of RAM. This should be enough to run Audirvana Studio right??

I first tried syncing AS to my iTunes library but this only imported some of my music folder and completely messed up the meta data of my files so I then deleted this and just used the add folder option and added my iTunes media folder thinking that this would include all the meta data and cover art etc. AS did import all of my music this time however only about half of the cover art appeared. I also tried to add another folder of music to my AS library, by this I mean another album of music that was not in my iTunes music folder, but it simply would not do it even though the AS help page tell you you can do this at any time. So, what am I doing wrong here??

It also seems to do random things like only play one track at a time off an album. In order to play the next track you have to select it and press play again in stead of it playing the tracks continuously. It did this the last time I used it, however when I used it tonight it played the album as normal so Is there a setting I should be selecting here??

Anyway, I hoping to get some answers to these questions from this forum. Your not really selling me on your product and your customer support when this is the only avenue of contact with your company.

Many thanks,

Hello @Chilli ,

If you have tracks you bought in iTunes, Audirvana can’t see them since they are DRM protected.

The problem is that iTunes stores the covers in its proprietary database, instead of recording them in the audio file metadata as it should be according to current standards.

You can add them in Audirvana and they will be directly added to your track.

Does the synchronization process started or not at all? What is the path of this folder in your computer?

Do you have this issue while you try to play a track through your MBP speakers?

Hi Damian, thanks for getting back to me.

In answer to your first question; I have a few tracks bought from iTunes but most of my music has been ripped from CD. Strangely, all of my music I have bought from iTunes appears in AS perfectly! Cover art and all! So I don’t think the DRM is playing any part here. I did rip all my CD’s using iTunes so maybe that could be an issue but I can’t see why it should be. I was hoping that Audirvana would do a better job of sorting my music library and meta data than iTunes does but at this point it does not seem to be the case. Which leads me to your second response.

I understand that iTunes stores its cover art in its proprietary database, which is extremely annoying, I was hoping that AS would have found a way around this. I made the file path end at my iTunes media folder so it would include everything under iTunes media. I was hoping that all the cover art would be under that folder somewhere. It is a pity that AS does not have an option to add cover art via Grace Notes or some other online directory. I am aware that I can add cover art manually and have done so on a couple of albums but this is going to be a long and time consuming process which I was hoping to avoid.

In regard to your third response; the file path I was using was the same one I used to add the whole library. I just added a new music folder (a single album) to my existing music folder and try to add that single folder individually. I have since figured out that if I re-scan the whole iTuned media folder again the adds the new album to the library so I think I have figured this one out. So thanks.

As for my speakers, I’m not sure what you mean by MBP, but I using a pair of active KEF LS 50 wireless speakers. I have also noticed that the KEF control app has issues controlling things like volume and transport functions while I’m using AS. I does not seem to have these issues while using iTunes. Perhaps something to look into.

What I’m thinking is, would it be better to have AS access my music from an external drive or perhaps separate folder that is outside the iTunes directory altogether? It may not help with the cover art issue but would it help with sorting the Library better? I ask this because when I look under the artist tab in my “Local” drop down the albums are sorted by composers not artists. So some albums appear multiple times for each composer of each song! They also don’t appear alphabetically so the whole thing is a mess and is pretty much unusable!

Many thanks for your time I really appreciate it as I would really like to use this product.


Hi Warren,

Your album covers issue was created by the fact that you let iTunes collecting covers for your albums, instead of adding them yourself to the tracks with the tagger of iTunes. iTunes keeps a single picture for each cover in hi-resolution in its database. It does it this way to save disk storage and to keep the size of your tracks small. There’s no player that can import the covers that iTunes stores in its database.

If you are using a Mac, the easiest way that I know to solve your album covers issue is with AppleScripts that you can get from this site.

There’s a script that can make iTunes embed the covers that it stores in its database to the tracks. And a script that will create a JPG of each cover in the folder in which the tracks of the album are stored.
Both will make AS and other non-iTunes players display the covers of the albums.

MacBook Pro

Do you have the same issue while using Audirvana Remote?

This is because by default we do not filter your local artists. If you go in the filter settings you will be able to select Albums Artists:

Thanks for the response guys. Damian, tried the filter thing worked a treat. So thanks! Doudou, I’ll try the AppleScript and see how I go.

Thanks again!