Audirvana used while watching videos?

I am under the impression that Audirvana is to be used with music files or streaming (audio).

I am also under the impression Audirvana deactivates certain window functions to clean the sound.

If I have a video on my hard drive? And, I want to watch and listen? Will the video format be fully operational?

Thanks, GeneZ

Yes if you quit audirvana or nothing is on or playing in Audirvana, by clicking the little padlock at the right bottom of main window.

Why don’t you test yourself? Yes, as @RunHomeSlow said you have to click the little padlock. If not you will not have sound. You don’t have to quit Audirvana. Tested with VLC.

That is not answering my question with good results. You’re telling me (it appears) that as long as I switch off Audirvana first, then I can watch videos. Meaning? The videos can not be heard with the benefits of Audirvana. That Audirvana needs to be shut off to listen to the videos with the Microsoft audio software,

No, you cannot watch videos with the benefits of Audirvana. That is not a functionality of this software.

but you can have the sound of your DAC to listen and watch the video :slight_smile:

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When the padlock in Audirvana is unlocked.

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Audirvana needs exclusive access to audio device used for listenig music on both Win & Mac for best results. When an app has exclusive access other apps can’t play sound simultaneously using that device. I didn’t try to disable exclusive access and I don’t know if works, also I don’t want to try. So if I want to watch a video use the padlock or quit Audirvana. Also (not tested) I think it is possible to use two soundcards simultaneously - for example DAC with AS and onboard Realtek with VLC (set soundcard in VLC audio settings).

“No, you cannot watch videos with the benefits of Audirvana. That is not a functionality of this software.”

In other words… Audirvana is only for playing dedicated music files. Other software (like a video player) will not allow you to watch the video and have its music be accessed through Audirvana.

Did you expect otherwise?

Before using Audirvana I used PureMusic. It did have functionality to process the audio from another application. In practice, I found this to be a lot of hassle with little benefit.

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I was expecting it, and wanted to be sure. I have a ton of music videos on my hard drive, and this thread helped me avoid a mistake.


And the mistake is buying Audirvana? Or are you afraid that something will happen to the video files?

I have many videos copied to my computer of live musicians. What good is using Audirvana if I can not benefit from it’s he better sound when watching them? Streaming is not the major source for music for me. And, years ago I did try fort a short time a program that may have been Audirvana. It turned off many functions of my PC and made watching videos with my video program less than ideal. Too many things needed to be shut down just to listen to the music,

Then Audirvana doesn’t seem like the software you’re looking for.

Yeah that’s just totally crazy for an AUDIO program to have such a focus on AUDIO
But……you like to watch your music videos down mixed to 2 channel stereo? I’ve thought that VLC does an ok job at that or perhaps a streaming interface that has good stereo output?
I’d bet over at AVS forum you could find some good advice

Best of luck

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