Audirvana users manual

I found the pdf manual of previous versions of Audirvana very handy and that I still often use to understand more of this player. Why is it no longer published? Wouldn’t you all find it useful?

Yes!! Are you able to post it for download?

Disregard, I found it. Thanks anyway.

Hi. I’m new to Audirvana, can you please tell me where I can find this manual?
Many thanks.

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Here you go:

That’s great, many thanks.

The link it to a Teac product manual directory? I don’t see Audirvana anywhere in there

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i have put the oldest manual 3.2.16 in my dropbox if you want it…
it is quite different now in 3.5, but can be useful for some i guess.

see the download button to keep it for you.

I would be glad if A+ have its own up to date user manual ; it would save time and avoid asking basic questions on this forum… Thank you.