Audirvana very slow lately

Audirvana user for many years. Latetly the programme has become very slow in every regard. does not wan’t to start at all, then extemely slow to load audio devices. Changing from one device to another takes forever with requent crashing. I listen mostly to Qobuz.

What’s going on, everything was fine for years, don’t change it!
best regards,

Hello @JBBerg, did you made the update to 3.5.33? If its the case, do you experience crash everytime you want to change your audio device?

Hi Damien,

Similar issues here. I’ve been using audirvana since January 2020 and although it wasn’t ever very smooth it just became unusable in the last 2 months. I’m only using an external drive, no streaming. The album view is lagging when scrolling up and down and when clicking between albums it takes about a minute to regain responsiveness of the software. I’m using the MacBook Pro with 16gb. I don’t have lagging issues with any other piece of software. Any thoughts?

Hello @Marekk,

Can you check your database using the three commands in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

Thanks, I’ve got OK to the first 2 and then defragmented. I’m still getting a spinning wheel when scrolling and have to wait and it also seems that the MAC starts overheating while audirvana is running. Would it make any difference to swap an SSD in place of HDD for the music storage?

How big is your collection?

Hi Bitracer, it’s about 1.2tb.

You should consider using a NAS to store the music library.

Don’t think the SSD will make a difference. The DB index is stored anyway on the local drive.