Audirvana vs Roon Library

Hi. I see how different Roon and Audirvana uses EXACTLY the same data, see screenshot. My files are all in a folder called RoonMusicFilesSeagate, and Roon labels the artist as UnknownArtist, whereas Audirvana labels the artist as RoonMusicFilesSeagate. Whys is this so? I will post this on the Roon Forum too.

When no artist named tag like in your picture, Audirvana use the folder they are in to name the artist tag missing…

Probably because there is a difference in programming between Roon and Audirvana? If Audirvana does not find an artist in the metadata it defaults to the directory name whereas Roon does not. It just seems a decision of the designers of Audirvana and Roon how to handle such cases.

I wouldn’t think too much of it. If you keep the meta data of your music files correct this will not occur in the first place. IMO, the bare minimum in metadata tags in the files should be:

  • Album
  • Title
  • Artist
  • Album Artist
  • Track number

If one of the above tags is missing every program (Roon, Audirvana etc.) has a different way of (re)solving this.

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Ok, thanks Andy. :wink:

I leave out Album artist. In my mind, superfluous. But it probably does serve a purpose that I haven’t missed!

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Some programs/filters use artist, some other programs/filters use album artist as default for sorting or display purposes. I try to keep them both filled, just to be sure. Most of the time i have both fields filled with exactly the same data. Of course for classical music this is completely different :wink:

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I just file beethoven under b for beethoven. :innocent: