Audirvana will not import playlists

Hello, I’m using the latest version of Audirvana and it simply will not import my playlists. I’ve been exporting them from iTunes and I know the m3U files work because Jriver imports them just fine (I also checked several of the filepaths in notepad and they’re correct.)

I was hoping to go with Audirvana over Jriver since I like the interface way more; however I have several 2k+ track playlists that I simply do not have the patience to recreate manually (it was the main reason I stuck with iTunes for so long.)

I’ve seen this issue reported on various occasions on this forum but I have yet to see anyone come back with a solution for the Windows environment…

Hello @DDar,

Have you made the export from iTunes on MacOs? Before trying to import the playlist, have you synced the folder in Audirvana where the tracks of your playlist are located?