Audirvana will not work with Lenovo M920q mini PC--Please help!

Hello there. I recently purchased a Lenovo mini PC to listen to my FLAC files. I installed Audirvana as well as ASIO drivers from ASIO4All. When setting up Audirvana I selected ASIO as I did on my previous PC. When I select ASIO now I do not get any music, when I select WASAPI I get music but only from the PC’s internal speakers. I am using a Cambridge Audio DAC MagicPlus which is running the latest firmware. Every setting I used in the older PC I have applied to the Lenovo. Both of the PC’s are Windows 11 machines. Should I reinstall Audirvana and just use WASAPI drivers. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Peter

Did you install the Cambridge Audio USB 2.0 Drivers

You can download from the CA support page

Windows Audio USB Class 2 Driver and where to download..

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