Audirvana WIN 10 Remote loose connection

Hallo Together,

when I start Audirvana (WIN 10) and his Remote, everything works fine.
When I after a few minutes want to do anything on the remote there is no reaction from the remote.
Only close audirvana an the remote help to continiue, but only until next time the remote can’t connect to audirvana.
The message on the remote is, that audirvana can’t be found, but audirvana himself works fine in the same time and the connection to my WLAN is still working. I can surf with my remote in the www or also use the remote from another app.
Only the connection or better reconnection to audirvana fails…

An other problem, ist that i can’t close the remote on my mobile. When I want to close the remote completly, i must restart my mobile.
My mobile is a android. With other remotes it works fine.

What can I do?

Best regards