Audirvana WIN 10 Remote loose connection

Hallo Together,

when I start Audirvana (WIN 10) and his Remote, everything works fine.
When I after a few minutes want to do anything on the remote there is no reaction from the remote.
Only close audirvana an the remote help to continiue, but only until next time the remote can’t connect to audirvana.
The message on the remote is, that audirvana can’t be found, but audirvana himself works fine in the same time and the connection to my WLAN is still working. I can surf with my remote in the www or also use the remote from another app.
Only the connection or better reconnection to audirvana fails…

An other problem, ist that i can’t close the remote on my mobile. When I want to close the remote completly, i must restart my mobile.
My mobile is a android. With other remotes it works fine.

What can I do?

Best regards


Hi all, I really love Audirvana. It is running on a headless Win 10 Audio PC. The sound is awesome! But I have always trouble with the app connection. it is purely random. Sometimes the app can connect sometimes not. I tried all settings with the firewall I have no idea anymore. What always help is to restart Audirvana via Remote Desktop. But that’s no really the way you want to go… PLEASE FIX THAT! I would really appreciate it. Or give me another hint what I could try… (Network is always 2.4 GHZ…)

Hello @sebabe, when you have trouble to connect the Remote with your computer, does it is when you already made a connection (select the computer) or it’s when you are in the Remote searching for music?

Hi, thanks fo asking. It is the computer selection. Like today in the morning . I started and everything was well. Start the playback. After 20 I wanted to stop the playback and was not able to connect anymore. Then after 10minutes it worked again. It is absolutely random…

Really strange behavior you have, you maybe have something that is interfering with your Remote. What device do you have connected to your Wi-Fi router?

Hi Damien3. I tried now another USB WLAN adapter fo the streaming PC and the problem disappeared. I don’t know why because the old adapter was basically flawless - but it seems to be a dependency to the remote functionality…
The new one has now a longer USB cable what I don’t like to have. Therefore I will try another one in future without cable. Would be good to know if there is something that I should look at beforehand…

Damien3, I like your product, I paid for it. But continuously blaming it on other equipment and not fixing the flawed protocol between the remote and desktop will never fix the issues.


Hello @ArnoldC, The protocol to connect the remote to the computer is a multicast protocol like Bonjour from Apple. This is a standard protocol and some routers, depending on their settings and the local network, can have trouble to connect the Remote to Audirvana.

We had some disconnection issues when we where surrounded by a lot of other wi-fi router that use the same wi-fi channel as ours during our testing of the remote. We just had to change the wi-fi channel to get it working properly. This is a settings available in your router.

Hi Damien3, the real issue is

  1. when the app loses focus, playback stops after the current song. The app needs to reconnect to the desktop and I had to press Play again.

  2. when the screen times out, playback stops after the current song. The app needs to reconnect to the desktop and I had to press Play again.

In contrast, the Roon controller running on the same devices will not cause playback of the Roon core to stop when the current track is done. The app reconnects, and goes on as usual.

If they can do it, there is no reason why Audirvana remote cannot.

@ArnoldC, which DAC are you using?

The Surface Pro is connected via USB or uPnP to my Hegel H190.

The Mac mini is connected to the Hegel H190 and Naim mu-so via uPnP.

The remote when connected to the Surface Pro (Windows 10) does not cause the desktop to stop playing BUT the remote as in this photo is still on the first track and is obviously disconnected from the Desktop

Hello @ArnoldC, what happen in Audirvana at the end of the file when you have this issue with the Remote?

When you have this issue with the Remote, what happen when you go to another part of the app?

The app still is responsive in the following manner-

  1. I can go to Settings, but the Active Audio Device will show “Label” and cannot be changed because the list is now empty.
  2. I can click the Play button and it shows the album art but still stuck in the track it had last played (the desktop has moved on to the rest of the tracks) as in my photos previously

Th app will display an error when-

  1. I click the Search and enter a value
  2. I click Home and select any category (Album, Tracks, etc.)

I’m not sure if the issue is caused by multiple clients? I have an iPhone and Android (Huawei P9, and Samsung A51) all running the client. The Mac mini is more stable though.

Are they all connected at the same time at Audirvana?

Yes, but eventually all of them will get disconnected from the Windows PC.

Have you tried to connect one of your Remote app at a time?

@Antoine yesterday I did my Audirvana listening for hours and the app didn’t not disconnect even if it loses focus, or the screen went on standby. When the app gains focus, it updates the display to the current track.

Now this is what’s frustrating-

I paused the track, then I stopped playback with the intention of using a different output. When I got to the settings, it’s disconnected already and the app exhibits all the problems I outlined previously.

This happen when every Remote you have or some of them?

Happened on both Samsung and iPhone 7.

Here’s another observation earlier…

Windows 10 desktop connected to my Hegel H190 via USB. Remote is Huawei P9. Both devices on 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Everything is fine. I went downstairs to the living room placed the P9 on the table. I went back upstairs and the remote hanged. I noticed the P9 switched to 2.4 GHz so I immediately changed the Wi-Fi connection back to 5 GHz, but that’s it. The P9 won’t connect anymore.The Windows 10 desktop still broadcasts itself because it’s still appears in the list, but connecting to it is a failure. Closed the app, restart the phone, nothing. It’s like the listener of the Audirvana desktop is dead. I closed the Audirvana on the PC, started it up. I connected the P9 and the PC prompted a new 6-digit code and it works again.

While I’m having those problems with the Windows 10 Audirvana, the same P9 client still connects without problem to the Mac mini also running Audirvana.


The Audirvana for Windows 10 updated itself on startup before I started playback. I think it’s now 3.5.11.

I was able to reproduce this problem again, play an album, then Pause, then Stop. Hang.

The iPhone 7 recovered after 10 minutes? and was able to reconnect to the desktop. So, as long as the desktop did not get an error, the listener will eventually recover.