Audirvana windows 10 - not able to play other software audio at the same time


I’m using Audirvana for windows, and I cannot seem to find an option that allows me to play music in audirvana whilst using audio in other applications. For example, I get an audio renderer error when trying to play a youtube video. I remember in audirvana V3 mac, there was an option to make audirvana exclusive and not allow any other playback. Is there a way for me to disable this same option with windows?

Thank you.



That option for Exclusive Access still exists under 3.5. It’s under a tab (or section) in your device preferences named Low Level Playback Options.

Hey, thank you for your reply

I have looked under Low Level Playback Options and cannot find that option. Perhaps it isn’t available in the Windows version?

That might very well be the case, Remi. I’m using the Mac version, and simply assumed that the Windows version would have the same option.

One other possibility: While I don’t have a Windows version of Audirvana, I do occasionally use Windows and play music. When I do, I go to the Sound Control Panel, and from my selected audio device, I can enable exclusive access. I suppose you can go to the same control panel for your audio device and disable it, if it’s enabled there. I’m doing this from memory since i don’t have a Windows machine available at the moment, so I hope I’m not misleading you again. But perhaps this will address your concern.

Hello @remistewart, there is no such option in Audirvana for Windows 10. If you want to use the audio of your computer you then need to stop your music in Audirvana to release the exclusive access.