Audirvana Windows 10 RDP issue

Hi @Antoine

I’ve got a copy of Audirvana running on a Windows 10 PC.
When I need to make some settings adjustments I try to connect to that PC via an RDP session. Unfortunately the UI is completely unresponsive and looks like this:

Meanwhile the iOS remote app can still connect and control this instance. Playback works.

Is this a known issue?

Actually this has nothing to do with rdp.
Trying to use the app at the pc directly and it’s completely unresponsive


Kill Audirvana with Task Manager. Restart and QUICKLY change from Artist view to Album view. All will be well after that. There is a long standing bug with initial Artist view.

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Thanks @pieronip

Good to know. I deleted the data folders and set it up from scratch. Works for now. I’ll try that trick if and when it goes bananas next time.

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