Audirvana with Bluesound

I have am on a trial period and have just bought a second hand Bluesound node 2 only to find that I can’t stream from my Macbook pro as it uses Airplay and the Bluesound node 2 doesn’t accept it.
So sadly I am going to have to cancel Audirvana, unless someone can tell how I can get a work around.

AFAIK, you can stream from a MBP/Audirvana via Airplay to the Bluesound.


The bluesound node 2 doesn’t have Airplay that’s the problem the Node 2i does

I see a lot of complaints on the Bluesound (2 or older) forum about Bluesound not supporting Airplay and not supporting UPnP. It limits a lot of Bluesound Node users in their possibilities.

  • BluOS is a very capable streaming software, so basically you can use that instead of Audirvana.
  • In general (according to reviews on the internet) the sound quality of Audirvana is preferred over BluOS.

Pitty you can’t have both. It seems that you have to make a choice here. What is more important to you SQ or ease of use?

Thank you for your comprehensive reply. SQ is important but then again ease of use makes life easier.

It’s my fault as when buying it I got confused with the node 2 and 2i. I do find that the sound is good, playing through my Yamaha RX-V781 with Monitor Audio 200 silver floor standers.

I suppose I can live with what I have got for the time being, then at a later date will update.

I agree that the Bluesound has very good streaming software and could be used with good results without Audirvana. I have a 2i in my living room system and that is how I use it playing my files along with Qobuz and Tidal. I run the 2i out to an external DAC.
In my office I use a Windows PC playing Audirvana Studio and Jriver USB out to an iFi DAC.

The Bluesound Node 2i can be had for cheap now that a newer Node is out which could be something to consider.

That’s a thing to think of. I could may be px my Node 2 for a 2i or Node 2021, the Node 2 is still going for decent money.
I appreciate all the replies, it what the hifi communnity is all about.

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