Audirvana with Denon AVR - Update "Friendly Name"

Hello, I wanted to post my recent experience in case it might help someone else. I have loved the sound of Audirvana compared to other apps, but have been frustrated with the connectivity. Certainly, that may have a lot to do with my networking expertise. However, I believe I made a breakthrough that resulted in a wonderful evening of listening, and hopefully reliably more.

I have a Denon AVR-X4000 that is connected to my network via ethernet cable. I have not been able to see the receiver as a playback device in Audirvana. I had a recollection that updating a device’s “friendly name” in the Denon’s network settings to match the network name could be helpful. After doing this, the receiver appeared as a playback device. Everything worked, including gapless playback, the user interface in the app advancing to the next track, etc.

I tested changing the name back to “Denon” and while the receiver still appeared and worked as a playback device, the gapless playback was not working and it seemed that tracks were being skipped, even for 44.1khz 16 bit FLAC files. I changed the AVR friendly name back to match my network name and once again, gapless was working well and functionality seemed improved.

If you have an AVR and it’s not working so well with Audirvana, I suggest matching the AVR’s “friendly name” to your network name and hopefully it might help you. I do not understand why this works, but am pleased that it does and hope that it continues to. If someone could explain why it works, that would be appreciated.

Now, I just need to figure out my best option for my secondary listening location…

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