Audirvana with DigiOne (Raspberry Pi basedS/PDIF)

I have successfully connected the DigiOne so that Audirvana sees the device (naming it after the software running the Raspberry Pi, Volumio). I am having two problems:

I cannot mute the volume. Even when the Audirvana volume slider is all the way to the left, Volumio still is set on 1 and there is sound. If I manually set Volumio to 0 or mute, there is no sound, but when I touch the Audirvana slider, Volumio bumps to 1 again. Since I am not using a pre-amp, my volume is controlled in software via Audirvana (and Volumio).

Upon starting a track (or stopping), I hear a loud pop. There was a silence button to keep dacs from popping when the resolution changed when using a bridge device, but that button is not available when using the network feature. Again, since I am not using a pre-amp (directly connecting the dac to the amp), this is important. Anything you can add in the next version to make a hard mute throughout the system?


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