Audirvana with Stream Box S2 Ultra - No Au-plugins

received today the project stream box s2 ultra. it was a breeze to connect the box to my network.
Audirvana shows under UPnP the stream box. Selected the box and music playing works.SQ is superb.

But…audirvana does not use any of my audio-unit plugins anymore. They simply do not work this way.
Checked both on my MacBook Pro and iMac.

Reconnected the old way through usb to my DAC plugins work again. mmmmh

I’m on Audirvana.v3.2.14. Checked a few older versions…in all tested versions no au-plugins are working with
UPnP the/stream box.

Any help? Any ideas?


Bought a few minutes ago the windows audirvana version.

Via UPnP /Project stream box s2 vst3 plugins work. that’s good news…so I guess
there may be a bug in the Mac version that prevents working plugins.

“Realtime Audiounits Control” option ON disables the effects . Not only for DSD playback but everything else too .
A member from the computeraudiophile forum pointed me in this direction. Unticked and now plugins work.