Audirvana won’t start without internet connection

After installing BigSur 11.1, my MacMini lost connection to the internet, now, Audirvana is refusing to load, asking to connect to the internet first…

Apparently it needs the connection to verify status, paid or trial.
I am still using trial while I ascertain it meets my needs and when not connected to the Internet it does not load up, gives error message. I am not sure if paid version can run without checking status online.

Yes, you are right. I wish there was a way to use audirvana without internet communication…

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It might change in future, but now you have to connect once a month minimum for five seconds maybe, you can use your phone data if you have one… then disconnect.

Regrettably there is an issue with os 11 not connecting to the internet. Strangely enough, Google Chrome works with no problem… is there a way to have Adirvana connect thru Chrome?

Can I do it with an iPad? If not, how do I do it with the iPhone?

Just tether the computer to the phone, either via USB or WiFi (hotspot).

If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a certificate related issue. Search the forums, it popped up few times recently.

That probably won’t work, since my WiFi and Internet all work fine. The issue is with the Mac and Big Sur not connecting to them,
Thanks for the help!