Audirvana won't open

I have been using Audirvana very hapily for some time now, first as a trial and then with license purchase. A few days ago I upgraded to the latest version (3.5.35) and ran it also with no problem. Today my Mac had not come through an overnight update install properly and I had to reboot it. I then tried to start Audirvana and it crashed straight away, generating a report to be automatically sent to Apple. I re-downloaded the .dmg, restarted the mac and re-installed Audirvana but again it just crashed straight away with a report for apple.
I am running High Sierra.
The reason for the no-starting is shown in the report as follows:
EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid)
Any suggestions as to how I can reinitialise the Audirvana installation?

Check the settings in the MacOS for running 3rd party software (unsigned software).

Thanks for the suggestion, it was clearly a mac problem, not Audirvana!
I have tried various recovery actions but in the end after rebooting today Audirvana is starting normally again.
Problem, although not solved, has gone away