Audivarna + Hqplayer Desktop


I’m new to using Audirvana because currently I’m using Roon server + Hqplayer desktop as my endpoint

both are installed on the same Audio Server on Windows 11 optimized less than 60 processes

I plan to switch to Audirvana after some feedback from users who think it offers better sound and I would like to test it under Windows 11 but which version and which version of HQPlayer as well?
all controllable IOS?
Thank you for your reply

Audirvana comes with it’s own upsampling algorithms. You may want to start with that.

If you plan to use Audirvana in conjunction with HQPlayer, you need HQPlayer Embedded. You can run HQP Embedded on a separate computer, or as I did, on a Raspberry Pi 4B. Audirvana will connect via UPnP to your device running HQP Embedded. HQP for desktop will not work.

In this way, you‘ll have access to the large library of filters provided by HQP. I‘ve done this for quite a while and the combination Audirvana Studio/HQP Embedded worked reliably.

Audirvana Studio can be used, too, for upsampling, either SoX or r8brain. I haven’t compared HQP Embedded with Audirvana’s upsampling as I came away from upsampling altogether. Now I am using a minimal setup of Mac Book Pro running AS and direct USB connection to my DAC.

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